Requirements for Admission
Any boy of good moral character, normal physically and
mentally, between the ages of six and fifteen is eligible to
admission to the Andrew Drumm Institute.  Boys between the
ages of ten and fourteen years are given preference.
Preference is also given to orphans and to boys with not more
than one living parent.  His only living parent must be financially
unable to care for him or to put him through school.
After a probation period of thirty days or longer, has elapsed, the
Andrew Drumm Institute will assume absolute legal custody of
each boy.
The boy must accept this assumption of custody of his own free
will and his parent or legal guardian must agree to such
procedure at the time of his acceptance at the Institute.  
Appropriate orders will be from Judges of the Juvenile or
Probate Court as the case may be.
No boy is accepted without careful consideration of his former
school and behavior records.  From the time of his acceptance he
is supported entirely at the expense of the Institute.  Clothing,
money or gifts other than those of a personal nature are to be
received only with the consent of the superintendent.
All applicants for admission may apply directly to the Andrew
Drumm Institute or to any member of the Board of Trustees.

Andrew Drumm Institute, Independence, Missouri
Route 4, Box 525                                        Telephone Indep. 2533