The Purpose of the Andrew Drumm  Institute
“Said trustees shall establish an Institution in Jackson County,
Missouri, to be known as the Andrew Drumm Institute for the
maintenance, care, education and protection of orphan and indigent
boys, or either...
...The youth who may be received in the Institute shall be required
and trained to care for themselves as much as is consistent with
their age and good discipline. They shall be required to assist in
the cultivation of as much of the land as may be thought best by the
trustees and in the raising of fruit, vegetables, flowers, hay,
cereals, poultry, swine and such other products and things that can
be cultivated, manufactured or raised with profit or for the best
education of the youth received ín said lnstitute, or any of them;
and they shall be carefully instructed in such other work or
pursuits in which said trustees may think they should be educated
and trained...
The youth who shall be received into the Institute shall not be
under the age of five years nor over the age of seventeen years,
and the custody and control of such youth shall be surrendered to
said institute and its management and such custody and control
shall be as absolute and complete as the law will permit. The said
trustees shall have the right to expel at any time, any of the youth
whose conduct shall be immoral or whose presence in the school
shall be found to be otherwise undesirable...
The youth who shall be received in said Institute shalt be plainly,
decently, but not distinctively clad. They shall not be made to feel
that they are the objects of dependence, but that they are doing
something for themselves in the Institute. They shall be kept at the
Institute until they have reached the age of eighteen years, or for a
longer period if the trustees so order, and when they leave said
Institute, an effort shall be made by the trustees and officers in
charge to procure them suitable homes, places, positions and
The management of the Institute shall be wholly non-sectarian, and
shall at all times be kept free from partisan or political control,
but those in immediate charge shall carefully inculcate into the
minds of the youth received in the Institute the highest principles of
morality, honesty, industry and good citizenship.”